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Has your business reached the stage where you could use some help with answering the phone? Maybe you’re afraid of missing important calls, or finding the constant interruptions are destroying your concentration. Perhaps you want to take some proper breaks where you can really chill out, or worried about the business appearing small and unprofessional.

Employing someone is the obvious answer. But not the smart one. Even if you pay minimum wage it’s an expensive way to go. And the extra hassles are considerable – NI contributions, workplace pension, holiday and sick pay, employer’s liability insurance, recruitment, health & safety, training & compliance, discrimination & diversity…

Hire us and it’ll cost considerably less. You’ll avoid all those HR headaches that even the best employees give you. We’ll provide your callers with a much better experience and service. And we’ll take pressure off yourself by efficiently handling customer queries, offering basic customer support and logging important details with your CRM systems.

If you have one or more of these challenges contact us now.​

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