Who We Are

Judith "The Boss" Ludovino​

Determined to achieve the very best for TelePA customers, Judith sees her role as providing the glue to stick everything together. Judith is a fellow of the RSA as well as at Gradwell Approved Professional (telephony). Judith’s experience of communications goes back to pre-Internet days, so her knowledge is broad and long, and she is ALWAYS right – except on March 3rd, which is “Judith is wrong day”. Outside of work Judith is inspired by vibrant colour, extremes of weather and provocative thinking.


Karen arrived at TelePA in a snowstorm at the beginning of 2010 and we didn’t let her go. Amazingly calm, kind, even tempered and helpful, Karen’s sunny personality enables her to charm the birds from the trees. Outside of work Karen enjoys the stillness of Somerset combined with the thrills of motorcycle racing.

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