Moving? Working from Home? Read this first

Our clients tell us that they’re re-organsing; adopting new, flexible ways of working and, where possible, downsizing from expensive commercial premises.  So what happens to the business phone number(s)?

Unfortunately many/most telecoms providers will tell you that it isn’t possible to move your business telephone number. 

While this may have been true 20 years ago it is very seldom the case now. 

Talk to Judith on 01749 685601 and we’ll see if we can help you keep your number – or source a number that won’t be “tied” to a landline.

We can also listen to your plans and steer you to a suitable, inexpensive, reliable internet telephony solution. 

TelePA has used internet telephony (VoIP) since 2007, so we know all about it, and let’s face it, working from a mobile is fine when the signal is strong …. but …… really awful for you AND your customers when the signal is patchy.

TelePA have direct experience of telephony solutions that can grow with your business, without tying you in to expensive hardware or service contracts. 

You don’t need a fast Internet connection, just a reliable one, and you will save hundreds or even thousands of pounds with the right advice, so whether you’re looking to grow, or to reorganize, we can help. 

TelePA are certified partners of, a specialist B2B service provider based in Bath.  We can walk you through the options available to you to make sure you don’t spend a penny more than required. 

Whether you are a one person business or multi-million, multi-site, there is a neat solution for you.

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