Frantically busy

Let Us Give You a Proper Break

You never get a proper break because there’s nobody to answer the phone while you are taking some much needed time out.

You can choose when you are available – and when you want to take a well deserved break TelePA will keep things running efficiently.


Life is so full on that most of us struggle with work-life balance.  Business owners, however, find it especially hard – everything, from sales and marketing to IT and finance, including workplace pensions, regulatory compliance, business insurance and even waste recycling is ultimately your responsibility.  So, if you feel the need to take a break, it’s no wonder!

The trouble is that, paradoxically, taking time off can be a source of increased stress – how will the business manage without you?  If you are the business the biggest worry is who will answer the phone.

Get real and stop trying to do it all

You could divert everything to your mobile – but then it’s not much of a break, is it?  Your family won’t be happy if you keep taking calls while you are supposed to be surfing with them, having a kick about or chatting over breakfast.  A skiing, golf or sightseeing break isn’t much fun if your mind is constantly somewhere else.  And are you really giving potential clients or existing customers your best when only half focused?  Kidding yourself that this is a solution is bad for you, bad for those around you and bad for your business.

Get help and get a life

It’s much smarter to switch off properly and let us handle your calls. We can also manage your diary and appointments, take product orders and offer front line customer support.  This is so much better for your mental wellbeing and means those aspects of your business continue to operate efficiently while you recharge your batteries, rebalance your life then return refreshed and raring to go.  Contact us now for further details.

Employing someone is the obvious answer. But not the smart one. Even if you pay minimum wage it’s an expensive way to go. And the extra hassles are considerable – NI contributions, workplace pension, holiday and sick pay, employer’s liability insurance, recruitment, health & safety, training & compliance, discrimination & diversity…

Hire us and it’ll cost considerably less. You’ll avoid all those HR headaches that even the best employees give you. We’ll provide your callers with a much better experience and service. And we’ll take pressure off yourself by efficiently handling customer queries, offering basic customer support and logging important details with your CRM systems.

If you have one or more of these challenges contact us now.​

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