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What is Virtual Telephony?

The technical jargon you’ll hear is “VoIP” which means Voice Over Internet Protocol, or more simply, sending phone calls over the Internet.

All telephony is travelling in this direction.  It isn’t really a sensible option to look at anything else as a business solution – virtual telephony is less expensive and more versatile than the 20th century solutions.

Virtual telephony isn’t location specific, meaning that you can run your business with (for example) a London telephone number, while you’re sitting in Luton or Las Vegas.

By using virtual telephony you can move to a software call routing solution, meaning that you can route calls to different places and/or people at different times of the day and night, and (if you really want to) set up “press 1 for sales” type instructions, voicemail etc.  But remember people like to talk to people, not machines.

Virtual telephony handsets are quite expensive, £50 and upwards, however the ongoing costs are much lower than traditional telephony, you can probably reduce your bill by 50%.

If you’d like to know more call me:  Judith Ludovino at TelePA:  01749 685600.  TelePA has been using Virtual Telephony since 2007, I know a lot about it and promise not to bamboozle you with technical jargon.

Using Virtual Telephony – Traps and Tripwires

Virtual telephony is, unsurprisingly, dependent on you having a decent Internet connection.  It doesn’t need to be a particularly fast connection as phone calls don’t take much bandwidth, but it does need to be stable, and you do need everything to be set up properly by someone who understands what they are doing and gives “priority” for your voice calls, sending data-hungry picture files to the back of the queue.  If you talk to a provider and they don’t sound like they know what they’re talking about, they probably don’t.

If you want to take advantage of Virtual Telephony for your business, use a specialist business provider offering expertise and sensible support – TelePA have used since 2007.  Consumer options don’t have the same service guarantees and the support can be a bit of a joke.

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