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Do phone systems for a small business have to be expensive?

There has been a quiet revolution in the telecoms industry over the last 10 years and prices have fallen.  Let’s face it telephone systems aren’t sexy or even particularly interesting, it’s just about numbers and routing – phone systems are there to do a job, so why pay over the odds … but get it wrong and your bills will be unnecessarily high, get it wrong when you are moving premises and it will cost you £’000s.

Talk to TelePA about your requirements and we’ll steer you towards solutions that will grow with your business, without a big capital outlay.  Phone systems are at the centre of TelePA’s business, we know what we are talking about,  we promise we will do our best to avoid all that tekkie jargon and make sure you get a system that does what you need.  More information at 

Why is that phone left ringing?  Why doesn’t anyone answer?

Many of our younger people have very little confidence or skill answering business phone calls, and reluctance to pick up the telephone is damaging to business relationships.  Why are they so afraid to pick up the office phone?  We are hearing this is a common problem.

TelePA believe you can blame technology!  Why?  well modern smartphones always identify the caller, whereas business phones usually don’t … so to be expected to pick up the office phone – with no idea who is on the other end of the line – has become a stressful experience for the untrained or under-confident – one to avoid.

It seems that in the race to adopt new technologies we’ve forgotten to teach our younger team members a vital skill:

HOW to answer a business phone call

Hence Phone Power telephone skills training.  As a specialist provider of call answering services since 2004, TelePA has developed a rock solid process to enable individuals of varying abilities, to manage all the phone enquiries businesses receive.  We can provide a half day Phone Power training course that will take all your team from zero skill to full confidence, with support materials that will make sure they do the practice needed to embed the skill.

Talk to Judith Ludovino to explore how your business could benefit from Phone Power.  We can offer:

  • Leading one day Phone Power skills training sessions for groups
  • Leading train-the-trainer events (including trainer notes)
  • Providing attractive and affordable delegate packs to reinforce the learning
  • Providing additional “aide memoire” materials to encourage delegates to practice and gain confidence in the process
  • Giving employers the opportunity to develop Phone Power across a whole business

Contact Judith Ludovino on 01749 685605.

For more information about the nuts and bolts of TelePA’s virtual services, visit our FAQs.

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