Our Pricing

Be confident that TelePA  provides outstanding value – compare using TelePA with the cost of employing help.  You can use TelePA when you need us, WITHOUT having to commit to the same regular hours each week.

Using TelePA regularly you will benefit from a discounted task fee.  

With our most popular “full time support” package, using TelePA for a year is likely to be a similar investment as employing a PA for a month.

You can work with TelePA to develop the bespoke support  you need to add extra value – whether it be having TelePA use your CRM or helpdesk applications, company spreadsheets or other dedicated software.  Talk to us and we will do our best to help. 

Part Time Support

£ 40 Monthly
  • plus £2 per message* forwarded
  • FREE End of day summary

Full Time Support

£ 60 Monthly
  • plus £1.75 per message* forwarded
  • FREE End of day summary

Bespoke PA Support

£ 80 Monthly
  • plus £1.50 per message forwarded/task managed
  • FREE End of day summary
  • Working with your systems to take callers through your buying process
  • TelePA will not charge a you for managing unwanted cold calls, wrong numbers, dropped calls, calls from overseas call centres etc.  Messages sent will be bonafide business enquiries.

  • Tasks include making appointments, using your CRM, helpdesk or chatbot software.

  • For bespoke PA support you may choose an hourly rate (£24 per hour, in 15 minute segments).

  • All charges are subject to VAT.
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