On your own

Worried you appear small and overstretched?

You worry that answering the phone yourself gives the impression of a small business that is not sufficiently well resourced.

Improve the way your business is perceived, knowing that TelePA will make a great first impression, every time.

If you answer your phone personally then it suggests that your business is not very big.  This may put a doubt in a customer’s mind – do you have the resources to provide the support they need?  Perhaps they would they be better finding a larger organisation where there’s more than one person trying to cover everything?  This slightly negative perception will be reinforced if you fail to answer the phone promptly, or if you sound irritated and stressed.

If, on the other hand, the call is answered immediately, in a very professional manner, by someone other than yourself, then the caller gets a very different impression – your business comes across as efficient, capable and reliable. 

Automation is a real turn-off

You could, of course, have some kind of automated system for managing calls.  However, according to a recent survey by Usabilla, which helps clients get customer feedback, more than half of customers (55%) prefer talking to a human on the phone.   There is nothing more annoying than being told by a machine that “Your call is important to us”.  If you really want people to believe that, and make them warm to your business, you need a nice, friendly and helpful person answering your calls!  

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