Reduce interruptions and boost productivity

You want to avoid interruptions caused by nuisance calls and enquiries that are not urgent or simply a waste of time.  The interruptions that destroy your train of thought and eat into your time. 

Using TelePA you can focus on the tasks that earn you money, your productivity will soar.

Are you finding it increasingly hard to concentrate because of incessant interruptions?  Whether it’s texts and emails constantly pinging into your inbox, or a regular stream of phone calls, most of us are working longer hours yet getting less real work done. 

Improve your focus and productivity

Surveys suggest that between 40% and 60% of these telephone interruptions are completely unnecessary.  What’s more, by the time you’ve politely told the caller that your computer is fine, that you haven’t been involved in an accident or that you don’t want new windows, your train of thought has been completely derailed.

Positive impact on image and morale

Even more costly, perhaps, is the fact that your frustration begins to tarnish your phone manner.  Instead of answering in a way that’s friendly and professional you come across as irritable and overworked – not what a potential or existing client wants to hear.  It also lowers general morale in the office, further depressing productivity.

How much more could you and your team accomplish with the help of an efficient call answering service to screen out unwanted and unnecessary interruptions?  And how much more welcoming and professional an image would you create?

As well as handling your calls we can manage your diary and appointments, take product orders and offer front line customer support.  Contact us now for further details.

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