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Q: How can my Virtual PA answer my telephone when I’m out?

A: All telephone companies offer businesses a “call diversion” service. Using a simple code you can send your incoming calls to a TelePA phone line. Callers will have no way of knowing the PA answering your call is not sitting in your office.

Q: How does TelePA know who each incoming call is intended for?

A: TelePA provide you with a standard telephone landline number to which you divert your calls. When this number rings in the TelePA offices, our equipment tells us that the call is intended for you, so your call will be answered in your company name and the enquiry will be handled as instructed by you.

Q: How do I set up call diversion?

A: Call diversion from a landline is organised by your telephone service provider. It is a routine service, is inexpensive and easy to set up. Once you have the facility on your line you can choose to divert:

  • All calls
  • Incoming calls received when your line is busy
  • Unanswered calls

Q: Can I divert calls from my mobile phone to my Virtual PA?

A: Yes – usually. But check with your provider if you are on a Pay As You Go contract.

Q: Does TelePA keep a log of all incoming calls and enquiries handled?

A: Yes. Your enquiries are e-mailed to you by your Virtual PA as they come in (and also sent to you as a text message if this would be helpful). At the end of each business day you receive a summary of all the enquiries TelePA have managed on your behalf.

Q. What about privacy?

A. TelePA takes your privacy seriously and follows guidance from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).  We updated our policy and process in 2018 in line with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), this means you can be confident we only use your personal data to fulfill the tasks asked of us, we don’t sell the data on.  To see our Privacy Policy click here

Q: Many of my incoming calls are from people wanting to make appointments, can my Virtual PA manage these?

A: Yes. Our state-of-the-art, secure “live” diary, email and contact management systems can take the pain and strain out of appointment management. Talk to us and we’ll explain how it works in detail.

Q: Do I pay for unwanted sales calls from other businesses?

A: We ask all our clients to register with the Telephone Preference Service to keep the number of sales calls to a minimum. Your Virtual PA will reject calls that are obviously unsolicited sales calls and you will not be charged for these.

If the number of cold calls we are receiving on your behalf becomes a problem for us, we’ll let you know.

Q: Can I use an 0800 or 03 number?

A: Yes. TelePA can help you source one of these “non geographic” numbers if this would be helpful. 08 and 03 numbers can be a useful part of your telecommunications strategy, particularly if you are likely to move premises as your business grows.

Q: If I have a caller diverted to TelePA and a second caller rings, will there be an engaged tone?

A: No. Using TelePA equipment the second caller will hear the ringing tone, not an engaged signal. Our Virtual PA team make sure all calls are answered promptly.

Q: I am doing some advertising and am expecting my telephone line to be very busy for a limited period, can TelePA help me out?

A: Yes. Just give us a call when planning your marketing activity to discuss your requirements and we’ll respond promptly.

Q: Can TelePA look after my calls just for a short period – perhaps when I am taking a holiday?

A: Yes. Our minimum contract is for one month, with no further obligation. At TelePA we have no need to tie you in to a lengthy contract period because we know that once you’ve experienced our service you’ll appreciate what excellent value it offers and be keen to continue.

Q: What happens if I receive calls out of hours?

A: From 5.30pm until 9am the next morning, during weekends and on bank holidays your calls will be diverted to a dedicated voicemail system. Any messages will be sent to you via email within minutes. Alternatively you can choose to have out of hours calls diverted to another number – or use a combination of these facilities – our Virtual Telephony system is very clever!

Q: Can you transfer calls back to me?

A: Yes. Many of our clients use this facility to make sure they can respond immediately when a particular client calls, or when there is a truly urgent enquiry.

Q: Can TelePA help my business in other ways?

A: Yes. Talk to us about your requirements and we will do our utmost to help.

Q. Are you able to train my team to TelePA’s high standards?

A: Yes!  Judith Ludovino is an experienced and qualified trainer.  We can also provide training materials you can use in-house.  The training is called “Phone Power”.

Q. Can I read you Terms and Conditions of Business

A: Yes!  use this link

For more information about the nuts and bolts of the TelePA service, come and see us – our bricks and mortar address is: Westbury sub Hub, 22B Lodge Hill Business Park, Westbury-sub-Mendip, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1EY


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